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Farmer's Markets are the alternative to the corporate store-house. Our farmers are dedicated to chemical free, sustainable farming methods including humane aminal treatment, using Texas products in Texas. Interested gardeners, family farms, bakers, farmers, etc. must have products that are either handmade or homemade. If so, please fill out our simple vendor contact form. If approved, we'll send you a link to make your donation for the day you are vending. Make your donation right away. First, to contribute to the location where we have the market, GraceUMC, second to guarantee your space, and also, to be on our promotions cycle which are continually cycling in the media. The earlier the better.

On the first Saturday of each month, everyone in the Heights Epicurean Farmers Market community reconvenes, pops up their tents, and joins the Greater Heights Community for some fun in the sunshine! Grace United Methodist Church is the centerpiece of Heights Boulevard. Her beautiful campus stretches to the Yale side encompasing almost a full block. It's the heart of the Boulevard, and a beautiful space.

(Please click here for more specific, and detailed vending information that you will need to know on the day that you are vending.)

Rockin JR Ranch
Janice Davis, a native of New Orleans, and Ray, a native of Texas, are both certified public accountants with 30 plus years of accounting and finance experience in various locations through-out the United States. However, their passion has always been cooking. Janice had grown up in the kitchen helping her mother with home cooking and with her catering business. Ray also grew up helping his mother in the kitchen and learning how to make jellies, jams and preserves. After retiring, they built a commercial kitchen halfway between their houses on their 100 acre ranch. Together, they combine the Creole cooking of New Orleans with the down home cooking of Texas. Delicious sauces, and jellies including piña colada, strawberry chipoltle, apple pie, peach Bellini, sunshine citrus, carrot cake, strawberry daiquiri, cranberry jalapeno jam and an apple cider cinnamon jelly offered 24/7 at
Nisha's Quick N Easy Indian Food

There’s something about farmers markets that gets in your blood. And it happened to Ashmin Nisha when she lived in San Francisco and worked for someone who sold at the farmers markets. After she and her husband decided to move to Houston, she desperately missed her weekly “connections” with customers. Nisha’s line of prepared, ready-to-eat foods offers choices for vegans, vegetarians, carnivores and even gluten-free options. Choose from chana masala, chicken tikka, saag paneer, tomato bhaji, assorted filled samosas, parathas, chutneys and dips and you’ll become another satisfied customer.
Plant It Forward Farms
Houston is settling a record number of new refugees every year. Most have spent years in refugee camps outside of their own countries living in extreme conditions while waiting to realize the American dream. Once here they are faced with challenges assimilating into their new homeland like language and job skills to find meaningful work. Some of these refugees come from agrarian backgrounds and they know how to raise quality food but there is not a single classified job posting for an experienced farmer. 
Plant It Forward Farms brings together the people and resources needed to make that vision a reality. Refugees receive training at a model farm, as well as additional business assistance to help sell their produce to grocery stores, restaurants and farmers markets. Through Plant It Forward Farms, refugees can become active and contributing citizens that help Houston realize its potential as a leader in sustainable living. Learn More
Royal Tart

We make tasty tarts and baked goods. We specialize in vegan, vegetarian, and traditional style treats and savories. My favorite tarts are fresh seasonal fruit covered tarts hiding a layer of either traditional custard, vegan custard, or almond paste filling. People also love our sugar free, but oh so sweet nut butters, fudge, fig jam bites, and lite bite cheesecakes.

One bite, three bite, family size, American style pies and more. Located in the Independence Heights, we deliver to various coffee shops all over greater Houston.
Love Waters

Love Waters are healthy fruit juices! We use filtered organic alkaline water, organic fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices. There is nothing complicated about these juices! They are made from fresh, chemical free fruits and ingredients, local when available. La Reina Vegana is vegetarian food which is all organically sourced and designed to be beautiful and delicious. You will find vegan shepherds pie, fresh salads, spinach breads, curries, edible flowers and more. La Reina Vegana is a festival favorite, Rosie can be found at events all over Greater Houston throughout the week.
The Happy Macaron
Rose Caraglia created The Happy Macaron after a determination to make them for her own wedding! Macaroon or Macaron? A macaroon is a baked confection of egg whites, sugar and shredded dried coconut, sometimes dipped in milk chocolate. The Happy Macaron produces French macarons, which have an almond flour, sugar and egg whites-based shell. The shells have a light, crunchy texture on the outside and are slightly chewy on the inside. The shells are held together by a filling, typically made from a ganache, buttercream, meringue or jam. They are very popular in Europe, and they are fast becoming a sensation in the US.
Mr. Burris's Texas Ranch Olive Oil
Cafe Zun Zun
Miriam's El Salvadorian Fried Snacks and Sauces