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Thank You so much for your interest! Interested crafts persons, artists, entertainers, farmers, and other vendors,we have a simple form, and a small donation. .We want everyone to sell their goods, and have a positive experience being a part of the Greater Heights community!

Our simple vendor contact form is the first step! Once approved, we'll send you a link to make your $20 donation (plus Paypal Fees) for the day you are vending. Make your donation early for two reasons. First, to guarantee your space, and second, to be on promotions which are continually cycling in the media. The earlier the better.

On the first Saturday of each month, everyone in the Heights community goes outside, shops open their doors, and we have our Heights Epicurean Farmers Market! Grace United Methodist Church is the centerpiece of Heights Boulevard. Her beautiful campus stretches to the Yale side encompasing almost a full block. It's the heart of the Boulevard, and a beautiful space.

(Please click here for more specific, and detailed vending information that you will need to know on the day that you are vending.)

My name is Sheena Patel, and I'm the owner of The Henna Hollow. I started doing henna 9 years ago as a high school student. I started The Henna Hollow as a way to connect and share my love and passion for henna. Henna is a traditional art that has become multi-cultural, allowing people to express themselves in a beautiful way. The Henna Hollow offers traditional, modern, pre-natal, and custom henna. I use only natural products made from the henna plant, lemon juice, and essential oils. The Henna Hollow is taking appointments for private sessions, events, parties, and more throughout the Greater Houston area. Dormalou Project is essentially a mobile art gallery with an emphasis on growing future artists and creating community based art projects. The birth of this project came out of a desire to 1) run an alternative art space that is accessible to anybody, anywhere 2)have a space to showcase serious artists with a commitment to making art as well as giving back to the community 3)instill the need and desire for creativity and art in the next generation.  Dormalou is a combination of two names: Doris Marie and Mattie Lou. Both people have had a huge impact on the birth of this project. Every positive move that we make forward is a dedication. Loveleen Saxeena, "My heart sings with joy and my soul dances playfully when I am making art. I feel free, calm, I am at peace, nothing else matters. Nothing exists beyond the tiny space I occupy, when I create. I feel connected to everything, yet free from all the things that confine me. I feel love, I feel pure, I feel awake. My mind becomes quiet and all I hear are the soft whispers that guide my heart. I surrender to the process and become open to receiving what the universe wants to manifest through me. I am a self taught artist born in New Delhi, India. I was always quiet and expressed myself through pictures and drawings, what I could not express in words.
Asterozoa is a community of artists, located in North Houston,in the Independence Heights. Asterozoa is a place as well as a community. We offer classes, movie previews, receptions, and parties centered around art and culture. Many of the artists who participate in our shows and events come from other places, all over Greater Houston, and some are settled in workspaces on site. We have many opportunities to connect and re-connect to Houston's vibrant arts and humanities vein. Everyone is welcome, to share, make, collect, sell, or just socialize. Asterozoa's creates a safe social experience which nurtures each student right where they are. All-natural, Kadee Homemade Beauty Products a line of essential oil blends, cleansers, toners, scrubs and butters. Clients who try these all natural products, find a renewed inspiration for caring for their skin. The Facial Trios which include, Facial Wash + Toner + Serum are specially blended for the three types of skin. Maka is Oily Skin so the blend is Sunflower Oil + Lavender, Clary Sage, Bergamont. The second type is Azar, Sensitive Skin and is a blend of Sweet Almond Oil + Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang. The third, Catori a Dry Skintype, contains Sesame Oil + Geranium, Lemon, Neroli. Each has their own specific base oils + essential oils for your skin type. Facial Serum infused with sweet orange, tea tree, neroli, frankincense, myrrh, carrot seed essential oils. These smell wonderful! I love everything vintage and handmade. Orignally, I was born and raised in Louisiana but summer 2014 I moved to Houston, Texas to be a newly wed. I make my candles with paraffin wax and cotton wicks. One of my favorite candles is diptyque baies so I came up with something very similar, a blend of Fresh cut roses and red currant.  I started out making all of my candles in vintage cups and tea cups or whatever I come across during my estate sale browsing, thrift store shopping, garage sale scrounging and antiquing. I've recently expanded to signature apothecary jars.  I am also planning on expanding my custom collection ELLION to scents soon! Meanwhile shop my holiday scented candle JOYEUX! You can also find handpainted journals on my etsy shop.
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